Buying Property

You’ve signed the Contract to Purchase your Property.

1.  Your agent will present the contract to the seller to accept the offer and, if accepted, the seller will also sign where required.

2.  The contract is then dated once the contract details and conditions are agreed to by both parties. At this point you have a binding contract.

3.  Our administration forwards the contract by email to both solicitors and any finance institutions or parties involved in the matter (as requested by you). A hard copy is also mailed to the solicitors and the buyer.

4.  The buyers deposit is due to be paid into our Trust Account as per the terms of the contract and held pending the settlement of the contract. The deposit is included in the purchase price of the property. and will be accounted for in the solicitors settlement figures.

5.  You may need to get a copy of the contract to your financier (we can email to them) & now you also need to arrange a building inspection if that also forms part of the contract conditions. Your agent can provide a number of persons we deal with on a regular basis.

6.  If the property is not yet completed, you may have to wait until notified by your solicitor that the home is ready for a building inspection.

7.  Once all conditions of the contract have been satisfied the contract is now “un-conditional” and will proceed to the settlement date as per your contract clause.

8.  On settlement day – our administration office in Manunda will be advised by both solicitors that the contract has settled and once we have received that notification, if we are holding the keys to the property, we are then able to issue them.

9.  We will contact your sales agent and advise them of the completion – so expect a Congratulations call from your agent!

If you have any further questions regarding the sales process, please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 4032 0411, our friendly and professional staff are ready to help!